My Characters Reject Me

As I said in my last post, I am focusing on a single story, which I refer to as A Conundrum and Shrapnel. I know I am going to be prone to distraction, so from a variety of stories I saved various warnings to turn away. Any time I try to open one of the Microsoft Word documents containing their story outlines, I will be hit with warning messages from my characters. These are the messages written from the perspective of my characters as they admonish me to focus on A Conundrum and Shrapnel and to avoid distraction by focusing on their different worlds.

From my super hero story

Ayuda Olock and Ardour—the heroes of the city of Aberdeen—commission you to stay out of their story until you do justice to A Conundrum and Shrapnel. With much love, A&A wait atop a brick building still warm from the hot sun of the day, a golden tail taps, claws scratch the brick, a grin and slanted eyes. Forming her brown hair into a ponytail, eyes fixed toward the street and the loud cars.
They’ll be here when you’re finished, God willing.

From my young adult fantasy story with kingdoms in the water

Harrison and Leonard are content knowing you must focus on A Conundrum and Shrapnel. God willing, you will return and explore the worlds in the water and bring the boys’ friendship into fruition. Until then, they wait with the key and look for a good-sized puddle.

From my dark science fiction fantasy story

Mar and her counterpart Maryland cannot proceed through their story until you have finished A Conundrum and Shrapnel. Please return to that steampunk world, and soon, God willing, you will return to this science fiction world and help these girls break out of lethargy and depression.

From my fiction dream world story

With gentle regards from Australia and France, Andy and Ivy request that you return to A Conundrum and Shrapnel as it deserves full attention before it can be finished. Their dreams can wait, God willing, you will return and so will Lola by the end of this story.

From my magical, culture-bound story

Silas has grown fond of wisdom in his old age, and he admonishes you to finish A Conundrum and Shrapnel so that you may serve God in a single, focused way. Silas and Red will wait for you in the Crooked Pass, but keep them waiting by all means. Each world is as large as the last.

From my mysterious, amnesiac fantasy story

Darla is surprised to see you at the bar. She knows you are not to frequent this place as you have business to attend to in A Conundrum and Shrapnel. Darla will wait at the bar with a Madras and sparkle in her dazed eyes. One must be patient while searching for love, you know?

From my imaginary fiction story

Snow and Zach are quite busy with their dancing and singing. Please come and join them after you have served A Conundrum and Shrapnel. They won’t expect you until then. God willing, their story of fear and hope will grow, and you can explore their world of spices and imagination when you’re done.

From my fantasy comedy story

Princes Quark and Berlin will not presently receive you. Please return to Kingdom Xapor when you have completed A Conundrum and Shrapnel. Until then, the twins are very busy with candle-making and chocolate deliveries. There’s no need to rush; Twisted Twine’s is always full of customers.

From my fairy fiction story

Why, you are firmly pursuing A Conundrum and Shrapnel, so your presence here is ill-advised. Please come back and visit Blueberry, Yacy, and Harrid when you have completed A Conundrum and Shrapnel, God willing. They’ll keep their wings folded back until you return, and then they shall be ready to fight for their species’ survival.

From my most recent fantasy dragon story

Hello, you are respectfully tethered and committed to A Conundrum and Shrapnel. Please come back and visit Saksa the bat and her world when you have finished what you started. With much love, God willing, Saska waits with terrible anticipation to explore this world of dragons and aliens.

From my cyperpunk dystopia story

Alex and her sister Florence are willing to wait for their reunion, as they understand you must devote your attention to A Conundrum and Shrapnel. Do not turn back to their cyperpunk world until you have served the steampunk world, and God willing, their story will be told, and they shall break the city’s evil grasps over the poor Sparks roaming about in Copper Press.

This may seem foolish or even amusing, but after writing this, I feel pains of sadness and anxiety in my chest. I know I can’t go back to these stories anymore until I’m finished A Conundrum and Shrapnel. It’s for the best, but it makes me presently miserable. I’ve come to know these worlds intimately; all of these characters are parts of me, but I know I’m just being sensitive. They’re not lost; they’re merely on hold. If I don’t do this and keep going the way I am, none of these precious stories will ever see their end.


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